A seguinte lista apresenta as 500 palavras usadas com maior frequência no idioma inglês. Se você for capaz de memorizar o significado e a pronúncia dessas palavras e conseguir utilizar essas palavras em contextos diversos, você já estará dominando 80% do idioma inglês necessário para o dia a dia.

1 – 100

The ⇢ The man is happy.

Of ⇢ The color of his car.

And ⇢ The man and the woman sang a song.

A ⇢ A man and a woman sat down.

To ⇢ He will go to the store.

In ⇢ The dog is in the house.

Is ⇢ She is happy.

You ⇢ You are here.

That ⇢ That is a car.

It ⇢ It is a car.

He ⇢ He is a boy.

Was ⇢ He was here.

For ⇢ Go for it!

On ⇢ The ball is on the floor.

Are ⇢ We are in the house.

As ⇢ You are not as big as I am.

With ⇢ He will be with her.

His ⇢ That is his coat.

They ⇢ They are here.

I ⇢ I am very happy.

At ⇢ She is at the movies.

Be ⇢ I will be with her.

This ⇢ This is their favorite movie.

Have ⇢ We have a car.

From ⇢ She is from Russia.

Or ⇢ Go here or there.

One ⇢ She is number one.

Had ⇢ They had a dog.

By ⇢ The book is by the shelf.

Word ⇢ That is a nice word.

But ⇢ She is here, but she is sleeping.

Not ⇢ That is not her coat.

What ⇢ What are you doing?

All ⇢ All of them are here.

Were ⇢ They were here.

We ⇢ We love sports.

When ⇢ When are you coming?

Your ⇢ Your car is outside.

Can ⇢ I can play basketball.

Said ⇢ She said to come home.

There ⇢ There are four people outside.

Use ⇢ I will use the car.

An ⇢ That is an elephant.

Each ⇢ Each player is on the field.

Which ⇢ Which movie do you want to see?

She ⇢ She is at school.

Do ⇢ I will do my homework.

How ⇢ How are you?

Their ⇢ That is their car.

If ⇢ If you play outside, then you should take a coat.

Will ⇢ I will watch television.

Up ⇢ Go up the stairs.

Other ⇢ That is on the other side.

About ⇢ The book is about a boy.

Out ⇢ Go out of the house!

Many ⇢ Many people are at the party.

Then ⇢ If you come, then have some fun.

Them ⇢ I will talk with them.

These ⇢ These are my friends.

So ⇢ So what?

Some ⇢ Some people will come to my house.

Her ⇢ That is her shirt.

Would ⇢ I would like a hamburger.

Make ⇢ I will make a cake.

Like ⇢ I like my computer.

Him ⇢ She likes him.

Into ⇢ I will go into the house.

Time ⇢ What time is it?

Has ⇢ She has a pencil.

Look ⇢ I will look for my friend.

Two ⇢ There are two balls outside.

More ⇢ There are more people in the house.

Write ⇢ I will write a sentence.

Go ⇢ She will go to the movies.

See ⇢ I can see my friends.

Number ⇢ That is the number two.

No ⇢ There are no balls outside.

Way ⇢ That is the way home.

Could ⇢ Could I see your room?

People ⇢ There are many people at the party.

My ⇢ My car is new.

Than ⇢ She is bigger than he is.

First ⇢ She came in first place.

Water ⇢ I drink water every day.

Been ⇢ I have been to the movies.

Call ⇢ I will call my friend later.

Who ⇢ Who are you?

Oil ⇢ I put oil in my car.

Its ⇢ Its color is very nice.

Now ⇢ We must go now.

Find ⇢ I will find my keys.

Long ⇢ The string is long.

Down ⇢ I will go down the stairs.

Day ⇢ The day is beautiful.

Did ⇢ I did my homework.

Get ⇢ I will get a pencil.

Come ⇢ She will come home.

Made ⇢ I made breakfast.

May ⇢ May I go to the bathroom?

Part ⇢ You need that part of the sentence.

101 – 200

Over ⇢ You need to flip the book over.

New ⇢ She bought a new car.

Sound ⇢ The sound from the house is loud.

Take ⇢ I will take my bag with me.

Only ⇢ She is the only person here.

Little ⇢ That is a little dog.

Work ⇢ They work every day.

Know ⇢ We know how to make an omelette.

Place ⇢ The place is right around the corner.

Year ⇢ We had a great year.

Live ⇢ We live near the ocean.

Me ⇢ She told me to hurry.

Back ⇢ We need to go back.

Give ⇢ They give money to the church.

Most ⇢ Most people like to sing on their birthday.

Very ⇢ We liked the meal very much.

After ⇢ They came after we did.

Thing ⇢ That thing is over there.

Our ⇢ That is our house.

Just ⇢ You came just in time.

Name ⇢ My name is David.

Good ⇢ That is a good dog.

Sentence ⇢ She wrote a long sentence.

Man ⇢ That man is very big.

Think ⇢ I think I will eat steak tonight.

Say ⇢ They say we should read more.

Great ⇢ You have a great car.

Much ⇢ How much does that cost?

Before ⇢ You should eat a good breakfast before school.

Mean ⇢ She has a mean cat.

Old ⇢ I am an old man.

Boy ⇢ The boy is happy in school.

Follow ⇢ I need to follow them.

Also ⇢ She is also learning English.

Around ⇢ She drove around the building.

Where ⇢ Where are you from?

Help ⇢ They help people all of the time.

Through ⇢ I walked through the door.

Line ⇢ We must stand in line for a while.

Right ⇢ We need to turn right at the next light.

Too ⇢ That watch costs too much.

Any ⇢ You can come any time that you want.

Same ⇢ We have the same shirt.

Tell ⇢ They will tell them to come here.

Came ⇢ She came to our party.

Want ⇢ I want a Pepsi.

Show ⇢ She will show them her house.

Form ⇢ That form is difficult to fill out.

Three ⇢ We have three pencils.

Small ⇢ That is a small computer.

Set ⇢ They need to set the plate down.

Put ⇢ She put her foot down.

End ⇢ The end is coming.

Does ⇢ She does not like spinach.

Another ⇢ We had another friend come by.

Well ⇢ He did very well.

Large ⇢ She drank a large Coke.

Must ⇢ We must watch that game.

Big ⇢ We have a big house.

Even ⇢ Two is an even number.

Such ⇢ We had such a good time.

Because ⇢ We ate a sandwich because we were hungry.

Turn ⇢ We will turn the wheel.

Here ⇢ We are here right now.

Why ⇢ Why did they come?

Ask ⇢ I will ask them again.

Went ⇢ She went home.

Men ⇢ There are five men inside.

Read ⇢ I read every day.

Need ⇢ I need to eat.

Land ⇢ The land is expensive.

Different ⇢ They have a different opinion.

Home ⇢ I will go home.

Us ⇢ She bought us dinner.

Move ⇢ They will move home.

Try ⇢ I will try again.

Kind ⇢ She is a kind person.

Hand ⇢ Her hand is big.

Picture ⇢ I took a picture.

Again ⇢ They came again.

Change ⇢ We will change cars.

Off ⇢ Please turn the lights off.

Play ⇢ I will play with my friends.

Spell ⇢ I need to spell that word.

Air ⇢ The air is nice.

Away ⇢ I will go away.

Animal ⇢ A cat is an animal.

House ⇢ We have a nice house.

Point ⇢ She made a good point.

Page ⇢ Please write on the page.

Letter ⇢ She wrote a nice letter.

Mother ⇢ My mother is here.

Answer ⇢ She gave a good answer.

Found ⇢ I found my keys.

Study ⇢ I study every day.

Still ⇢ She is still at home.

Learn ⇢ I will learn about a new book.

Should ⇢ We should go home.

American ⇢ She is an American.

World ⇢ The world is small.

201 – 300

High ⇢ She threw the ball very high in the air.

Every ⇢ Every student is in the classroom.

Near ⇢ My house is near my work.

Add ⇢ I will add that to my list.

Food ⇢ I’m hungry and need some food.

Between ⇢ My house is between two buildings.

Own ⇢ I own my car.

Below ⇢ My hand is below the table.

Country ⇢ What country are you from?

Plant ⇢ I have a green plant.

Last ⇢ That is the last time that I will do that.

School ⇢ My school is near my house.

Father ⇢ My father works in an office.

Keep ⇢ I will keep those books.

Tree ⇢ I have a big tree in my backyard.

Never ⇢ I never go to the movies.

Start ⇢ I will start a new book.

City ⇢ He lives in a big city.

Earth ⇢ Earth is the third planet from the sun.

Eye ⇢ I have two eyes.

Light ⇢ The light is very bright.

Thought ⇢ I thought we could go to the movies tonight.

Head ⇢ He has a big head.

Under ⇢ We will walk under the bridge.

Story ⇢ She told a long story.

Saw ⇢ I saw my friend in the park.

Left ⇢ I left my notebook at school.

Don’t ⇢ I don’t like to eat fish.

Few ⇢ Few people like to eat raw eggs.

While ⇢ We could call our friend while we wait.

Along ⇢ We will walk along the road.

Might ⇢ We might go to the movies tonight.

Close ⇢ Please close the door before you go.

Something ⇢ She gave me something to read last night.

Seem ⇢ They seem to watch basketball every night.

Next ⇢ The next time I’ll pay for lunch.

Hard ⇢ My homework is very hard.

Open ⇢ She needs to open up the door.

Example ⇢ Her work is a good example of perfection.

Begin ⇢ I need to begin my homework.

Life ⇢ My life is great.

Always ⇢ I will always be there for you.

Those ⇢ Those people are in my class.

Both ⇢ Both of us need to work on our homework.

Paper ⇢ We will write a nice letter on paper.

Together ⇢ We will build a sand castle together.

Got ⇢ I got a present for my birthday.

Group ⇢ There is a big group of people standing outside.

Often ⇢ How often do you read a book?

Run ⇢ I run around the track once a week.

Important ⇢ She has an important job.

Until ⇢ I can stay until 10:00 PM.

Children ⇢ The children are happy.

Side ⇢ The right side of my face is red.

Feet ⇢ Most people have two feet.

Car ⇢ My car is red.

Mile ⇢ I ran a mile yesterday.

Night ⇢ The night is dark.

Walk ⇢ I walk around the block every day.

White ⇢ I like the color white.

Sea ⇢ The sea is fun to fish in.

Began ⇢ I began a new book.

Grow ⇢ She will grow a few more inches.

Took ⇢ I took my friend to the movies.

River ⇢ The river is long.

Four ⇢ I have four friends waiting for me.

Carry ⇢ I need to carry my backpack.

State ⇢ California is a big state.

Once ⇢ Once upon a time, there was a happy family.

Book ⇢ I read a book in four hours.

Hear ⇢ I hear my friends singing all of the time.

Stop ⇢ You must stop at a red light.

Without ⇢ I will go to the movies without her.

Second ⇢ The second I hear something, I’ll let you know.

Later ⇢ He will come later.

Miss ⇢ I miss my girlfriend.

Idea ⇢ I have a good idea about how I could do it.

Enough ⇢ I have enough of eating candy.

Eat ⇢ I will eat later this evening.

Face ⇢ My face got red when I saw him.

Watch ⇢ I need to watch my little brother.

Far ⇢ She will travel far for her job.

Indian ⇢ Indian is an old word.

Real ⇢ He wears a real Rolex.

Almost ⇢ He almost won the game.

Let ⇢ He let the girl drive his car.

Above ⇢ My hand is above my hand.

Girl ⇢ She is a nice girl.

Sometimes ⇢ She sometimes shops downtown.

Mountain ⇢ He climbed a tall mountain.

Cut ⇢ He cut his hand with the knife.

Young ⇢ He is a young boy.

Talk ⇢ I talk with my friends once a week.

Soon ⇢ He will soon come to my house.

List ⇢ He made a long list for the store.

Song ⇢ She sang a beautiful song.

Being ⇢ She is being happy with her new job.

Leave ⇢ I will leave at 1:00 PM today.

Family ⇢ My family lives in Denver, Colorado.

It’s ⇢ It’s great that they came to my party.

301 – 400

Body ⇢ She has a nice body.

Music ⇢ We love to listen to music.

Color ⇢ My favorite color is yellow.

Stand ⇢ I will stand in line.

Sun ⇢ The sun is very bright.

Questions ⇢ We have a lot of questions.

Fish ⇢ The fish swim in the ocean.

Area ⇢ The rectangle has a big area.

Mark ⇢ The teacher put a mark on the paper.

Dog ⇢ My dog loves to fetch the ball.

Horse ⇢ She rides her horse once a week.

Birds ⇢ The birds are flying in the air.

Problem ⇢ There was a problem with that student.

Complete ⇢ I need to complete that form.

Room ⇢ I work in a big room.

Knew ⇢ I knew her for a long time.

Since ⇢ Since yesterday, I learned a lot.

Ever ⇢ Have you ever been to Colorado?

Piece ⇢ I would like a piece of pie.

Told ⇢ I told her to come here.

Usually ⇢ She usually comes here in the morning.

Didn’t ⇢ They didn’t see them.

Friends ⇢ She has a lot of friends.

Easy ⇢ That assignment was easy.

Heard ⇢ I heard them talking.

Order ⇢ I need to order a new dress.

Red ⇢ Red is my favorite color.

Door ⇢ Could you please close the door?

Sure ⇢ Are you sure about that?

Become ⇢ I will become an actor.

Top ⇢ I am on top of the world.

Ship ⇢ We sailed on the ship.

Across ⇢ We walked across the street.

Today ⇢ I will go to the movies today.

During ⇢ We talked a lot during the game.

Short ⇢ She wrote a short essay.

Better ⇢ He is a better basketball player than he is.

Best ⇢ That restaurant has the best food.

However ⇢ She came home; however, she left shortly.

Low ⇢ My batteries are low.

Hours ⇢ We played basketball for hours.

Black ⇢ My car is black.

Products ⇢ The store has many products.

Happened ⇢ It happened so quickly.

Whole ⇢ He ate the whole pie.

Measure ⇢ She will measure the size of her room.

Remember ⇢ I need to remember to call him.

Early ⇢ The students came early to class.

Waves ⇢ The ocean has many waves.

Reached ⇢ We reached the other side of the lake.

Listen ⇢ I need to listen more in class.

Wind ⇢ The wind blew everything around.

Rock ⇢ That rock is very heavy.

Space ⇢ The astronauts flew out into space.

Covered ⇢ I covered myself with a blanket.

Fast ⇢ She drove her car very fast.

Several ⇢ There are several people waiting outside.

Hold ⇢ I need to hold my breath under water.

Himself ⇢ He drove himself to the hospital.

Toward ⇢ I walked toward the building.

Five ⇢ I have five fingers on my hand.

Step ⇢ I took one step up the stairs and turned around.

Morning ⇢ They drink coffee every morning.

Passed ⇢ She passed the papers out during class.

Vowel ⇢ The letter ‘a’ is a vowel.

True ⇢ She made a true statement.

Hundred ⇢ There are a hundred people waiting outside.

Against ⇢ The team played against the other town.

Pattern ⇢ Math has many patterns.

Numeral ⇢ There are many numerals in math.

Table ⇢ We ate dinner on the table.

North ⇢ We will travel to the North Pole.

Slowly ⇢ We walked slowly down the street.

Money ⇢ He made a lot of money.

Map ⇢ We needed a map to find the city.

Farm ⇢ We grew a lot of vegetables on the farm.

Pulled ⇢ He pulled the trailer with his truck.

Draw ⇢ She likes to draw clowns.

Voice ⇢ She sings with a pretty voice.

Seen ⇢ I have seen that movie before.

Cold ⇢ It is cold outside.

Cried ⇢ The baby cried for one hour.

Plan ⇢ They made a plan to come over.

Notice ⇢ She needs to notice the people walking by.

South ⇢ They would like to see the South Pole.

Sing ⇢ She will sing to the church.

War ⇢ The two countries had a war.

Ground ⇢ The ground got wet from the rain.

Fall ⇢ The apples fall down from the tree.

King ⇢ The king ruled the country.

Town ⇢ She grew up in a little town.

I’ll ⇢ I’ll go to the store later.

Unit ⇢ There is one apartment unit.

Figure ⇢ She has a nice figure.

Certain ⇢ He is certain about his plans.

Field ⇢ We walked across the field.

Travel ⇢ They travel every year.

Wood ⇢ He made a mirror out of wood.

Fire ⇢ I started a fire when I went camping last week.

Upon ⇢ Once upon a time there was a happy king.

401 – 500

Done ⇢ I have done my homework.

English ⇢ We love learning English.

Road ⇢ We drove our car down the road.

Half ⇢ They ate a half of pizza.

Ten ⇢ People have ten fingers.

Fly ⇢ The plane will fly away.

Gave ⇢ She gave me a nice gift.

Box ⇢ I put the crayons in the box.

Finally ⇢ He finally finished his homework.

Wait ⇢ He will wait outside.

Correct ⇢ Your sentence was correct.

Oh ⇢ Oh no! What have you done?

Quickly ⇢ She moves very quickly.

Person ⇢ She is a nice person.

Became ⇢ He became a great basketball player.

Shown ⇢ He has shown her what his school looks like.

Minutes ⇢ We are minutes away from the ending.

Strong ⇢ He is a strong guy.

Verb ⇢ We will learn about verbs in school.

Stars ⇢ There are many stars in the sky.

Front ⇢ They are sitting in the front.

Feel ⇢ I feel good.

Fact ⇢ Science has a lot of facts.

Inches ⇢ The table is 20 inches long.

Street ⇢ We walked down the street.

Decided ⇢ They decided to stay home.

Contain ⇢ The can contains fruit.

Course ⇢ History is a fun course.

Surface ⇢ The surface is smooth.

Produce ⇢ The factory will produce more goods.

Building ⇢ We work in a large building.

Ocean ⇢ The ocean is blue.

Class ⇢ The class was long.

Note ⇢ I wrote a note for my friend.

Nothing ⇢ There is nothing here.

Rest ⇢ We will rest for a few minutes.

Carefully ⇢ The animal moved very carefully.

Scientists ⇢ There are many scientists in the lab.

Inside ⇢ My jacket is inside the house.

Wheels ⇢ A car has four wheels.

Stay ⇢ We will stay home.

Green ⇢ The grass is green.

Known ⇢ I have known her for a long time.

Island ⇢ Hawaii is an island.

Week ⇢ There are seven days in a week.

Less ⇢ He worked less last week.

Machine ⇢ The machine is working well.

Base ⇢ The base is firm.

Ago ⇢ I was here many years ago.

Stood ⇢ He stood there for a while.

Plane ⇢ The plane flys well.

System ⇢ The computer system works well.

Behind ⇢ She stood behind him.

Boat ⇢ The boat floats in the water.

Game ⇢ The game ended well.

Force ⇢ He used force to open the door.

Warm ⇢ It’s warm inside the house.

Common ⇢ We have a common friend.

Bring ⇢ He needs to bring his jacket.

Though ⇢ It looks as though he will come.

Language ⇢ We like the English language.

Shape ⇢ He is in good shape.

Yes ⇢ Yes, it worked well.

Clear ⇢ He needs to clear his desk.

Equation ⇢ Math has many equations.

Ran ⇢ She ran four miles.

Round ⇢ A circle is round.

Brought ⇢ He brought his bike to school.

Understand ⇢ I understand the problem.

Explain ⇢ We will explain the situation.

Dry ⇢ Her skin is dry.

Deep ⇢ The lake is deep.

Thousands ⇢ There are thousands of people in the stadium.

Yet ⇢ He made yet another play.

Government ⇢ The government makes laws.

Filled ⇢ I filled up the tank.

Heat ⇢ Fire gives us heat.

Full ⇢ The tank is full.

Hot ⇢ It is hot outside.

Check ⇢ He wrote a check for the payment.

Object ⇢ There are five objects on his desk.

Am ⇢ I am happy.

Rule ⇢ There are many rules in school.

Among ⇢ They are among us.

Noun ⇢ Nouns are things.

Power ⇢ There is a lot of power from the engine.

Cannot ⇢ He cannot come over.

Able ⇢ He is able to write a paragraph.

Six ⇢ There are six people in the classroom.

Size ⇢ He has a big size of shoes.

Dark ⇢ It is dark at night.

Ball ⇢ We play with the ball.

Material ⇢ She has a lot of materials in her bag.

Special ⇢ They had a special date.

Heavy ⇢ The books are heavy.

Fine ⇢ The policeman gave a fine.

Pair ⇢ We have a pair of shoes.

Circle ⇢ We drew a circle.

Include ⇢ We need to include them.

Built ⇢ We built a house.

As 500 Palavras Utilizadas Com Maior Frequência No Idioma Inglês

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